"Symphony 21 doesn't strive to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they are attempting to reattach the wheel to the hybrid-electric vehicle that is the 21st century. They are in many ways, a gateway orchestra to the broader classical music world"

Symphony 21 is an orchestra based in Vancouver, BC, Canada that seeks to reimagine how we experience classical music. Our mandate is to bring this genre to people who may not otherwise experience classical music in their everyday life, by producing concerts in found spaces, and updating the context in which our concerts our presented. With features like Twitter based Q+A pre-concert sessions, projected, digital program notes, in-the-round seating, and innovative, socially responsible programming, we are creating a unique classical experience that is inviting, more inclusive, and reflective of the 21st century. 

We don't have many fancy gimmicks. Our concerts are still first and foremost about the music. So what's different about our orchestra? Some say it's a feeling, some say it's an aura of the concert, some say it's just a little bit of magic. We think it boils down to our efforts to include our audiences as much as possible in the music-making process, and our fundamental belief that classical music is for everyone. All you need to be part of our community is an open mind, and a pair of ears. 

As a new orchestra, we rely on grass-roots support from our community. If you are interested in supporting our mission and mandate, please consider becoming a patron of our orchestra and movement. 

Meet the people behind the orchestra.

What you get at a Symphony 21 concert

  • Socially responsible programming that is diverse and representative of 21st century classical music alongside the great repertoire of past 250 years
  • An intimate, audience first approach to the concert experience
  • 'In-the-round' seating
  • Audience lead, real time twitter Q+A/pre-concert chat
  • Craft beers and wines from local, unique producers

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